About KNAG

Post: 2023-05-01 / Last Update: 2023-05-01

Korea Numerical Astrophysics Group (KNAG) is a group of astrophysicists based in Korea who are dedicated to conducting numerical simulations and developing codes for astrophysical research.

The primary goal of KNAG is to advance our understanding of astrophysical phenomena using numerical simulations. The group has expertise in a wide range of topics, including galaxy formation and evolution, high energy phenomena, cosmology, and supernova explosions, among others.

KNAG has a strong focus on code development, as they believe that developing new numerical techniques and algorithms is essential to making progress in astrophysics.

Overall, KNAG is an active and influential group in the field of astrophysics, and their research and code development efforts have contributed significantly to our understanding of the universe.